How A Performance Cold Air Intake System Helps Increase Engine Power?

Are you looking to increase your car’s engine power without having to do any drastic modifications? If so, then an aftermarket cold air intake system might just be the upgrade you have been looking for as an auto enthusiast. How is this so?


Now if you have been in the aftermarket scene for quite some time then you would know that most experts from reputable organisations like “Prospeed Racing” highly recommend them and for good reasons. While it does not directly influence engine power in the same way turbo kits would, they are every bit as important.


What exactly is a performance cold air intake system?


As you already know, your vehicle’s engine generates power by burning a fuel-air mixture in its’ cylinder. Key components in your vehicle carefully monitor the amount of fuel and air entering the engine cylinders. If you wish to boost your automobile’s engine power, then the quickest way to do that is to enhance the motor’s oxygen intake. Doing so will also improve your engine’s fuel combustion rate, therefore, increasing engine horsepower. Simply put, cold air intake systems increase air and fuel density, and that is possibly the most convenient way of getting more power out of your engine.


Now a vehicle’s air intake system is designed with some key design elements in mind. One is to position the air flow intake in such a way that it is away from most of the heat the engine is producing hence its name. The majority of the inlets making up such a system are the bumpers (front) as the air in this location is much chillier compared with ambient air surrounding the engine compartment where stock engines typically draw in air.


A cold air consumption system likewise works by reducing the number of obstructions impeding air flow into the engine. Cold air is conducted using horizontal tubes with minimal curves to make air flow as efficient and quick as possible. Such systems also usually included a custom air filter to replace that one that came in stock all in a uniformed effort to reduce air flow obstruction.


Would you like to learn more? You can check out reputable sources on the web that delve into the matter similar to . Only then can you decide whether it is an upgrade worth getting for your vehicle.

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